7th Annual Rib Cook-off Entrants Invited

cook offDear Potential Rib Cook Off Contest Entrant:

We would like to invite you to the 7th annual rib cook off that will be held in downtown Lindsay on Honolulu Street, Saturday November 5, 2016.
Check in for the rib cook off will begin Saturday November 5, 2016 from 5:00am-6:30am. Set up must be complete by 6:30am, (All vehicles must be off event site) we will hold a cooks meeting at 7:30am; you can start cooking as soon as you receive your ribs. Judging will begin at 12:00pm; winners will be announced at 4:00pm.
There are limited spaces. It will be on a first-come first-serve basis, the deadline to sign up is October 28, 2016. Entry fee is $135.00 plus a $25.00 cleaning deposit which will be refunded after you have cleaned your area. Your entry includes 10 racks of ribs provided by the Rib Committee.
The Rib Committee will award 1st place $1,500.00; 2nd place $650.00; 3rd place $425.00 and 4th place $175.00; we will also be awarding $100.00 to the best decorated booth this year. Proceeds will be donated to the Lindsay Public Safety “Santa Night” and other nonprofit youth organizations.
Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the 7th annual Rib Cook Off, Saturday November 5, 2016 in downtown Lindsay! If you have any questions, please call Sarah Hager at (559) 756-3464. We look forward to seeing you and your barbeques in November!
Best Regards,
The Rib Cook Off Committee
Johnny Estrada & Sarah Hager, The Orange Bar (559) 562-2772 or (559) 756-3464
Doug Deleo Welding, Inc. (559) 804-4713
Lionel Salinas (559) 359-1739
Kathy Rivas (559) 359-9018 or Hope Poteet (559) 359-9025
Alexis Deleo (559) 202-5370.

Below is a copy of the entry form. The complete rules and form is also available at the Lindsay Chamber of Commerce offices at 133 West Honolulu Street


Location: The Rib Cook Off will be held on Honolulu St. in downtown Lindsay.

Your team: All cooking teams must have a canopy or EZ-up approximately 10′ x 10′ (Please note committee will no longer provide you with an EZ up or tables) a team must consist of one head cook and a MINIMUM of 1 ASSISTANT. The entry fee for a team is $135.00 plus a $25.00 refundable cleaning deposit.

Meat: The rib committee will provide each team with approximately 10 racks of pork ribs for grilling. Each team must cook ALL provided ribs from start to finish in the allotted time.

Supplies: Each team provides their own canopy & tables, cooking device and all other equipment necessary for cooking including but not limited to: ingredients, chairs, utensils, knives, cutting boards, coolers, wood, charcoal or gas, ice, hand soap/sanitizer, etc. All entries must be cooked on location over a fire of wood, charcoal, or gas. No one may dig a pit. Smoker type barbeques are allowed. The Health Department requires each team to have: A Canopy, Two tables, one for prepping and one for serving, a container for your cooked sample ribs, disposable gloves for serving and a washing station, this can consist of a water cooler with hot water to wash utensils and hands, three tubs or containers to wash, rinse and sanitize utensils, bucket for waste water, liquid hand soap and paper towels.

The Rib Committee: Will provide the container to turn your ribs in for judging.

Cooking Area: You may decorate your cooking area to represent your team. Decorating your team space is highly encouraged. Each team is required to have a sign that clearly displays your team name.

Clean Up: It is the responsibility of each cooking team to see that their cooking area is kept clean and sanitary and that their area is cleaned up completely following the contest. It is imperative that your cleanup be thorough. Any space left in disarray or with loose trash will disqualify the team from future participation; also your cleaning deposit will not be refunded. Trash receptacles will be available for disposing of your garbage.

Judging: Entries have to be turned in for judging at the specified time. Each team must submit 5 Ribs in the container provided by The Rib Committee for judging. Containers must contain the rib entry only, no sides or decoration. Entries will be scored on a scale of 1 to 10 in the areas of Taste, Tenderness, Appearance and Creativity. This is a blind contest; the committee of judges will not know the identity of the cooking teams. If there is a tie in the scoring, the lowest score will be dropped to determine the winner. Ruling of the judges is final. No contestants are allowed in the judging area before or during judging.

After turning in the judge’s entries you may begin distributing ribs at 12:00pm when the event opens to the public. Each guest must provide one ticket for each rib they would like to sample. No team is allowed to SELL or GIVE AWAY their ribs to anyone! All ribs are property of The Rib Committee.

The Rib Committee reserves the right to make additional regulations as the situation warrants.

Cigarette smoking and pets are not permitted in the cooking area at any time. Shirts and shoes are required at all times by all members of the cooking teams.


DISQUALIFICATIONS: Only The Rib Committee may disqualify an entry.

An entry may be disqualified for any ofthe following reasons:

  1. There is evidence of marking or sculpting. Marking is defined as: handwritten or a mechanically made mark inside the judging container that identifies the submitting team to any judge. Sculpting is defined as: the carving, decorating, adding additional ingredients other than spices, rubs or sauce, i.e. bacon) or forming or shaping of any entry contained in the judging container that identifies the submitting team to any judge.
  2. There is evidence of blood, such that the meat is uncooked.
  3. The entry is turned in after the official designated time.
  4. A team is found to be selling or giving away their ribs to individuals without a ticket.

5:00am-6:30am arrive at event for set up. ALL TEAMS MUST BE SET UP AND ALL VEHICLES MOVED OFF EVENT LOCATION NO LATER THAN 6:30AM! (You may start your fire at 6:30 if needed)


8:00am ribs will be handed out to the cooking teams; you may start cooking your ribs once you receive them.

11:30 am Judging containers will be handed out.

11:45 am Judging containers need to be turned in.

12:00 pm Event opens to the public and you may start handing out rib samples to guest that provide you with a ticket. The Rib Committee will provide sample plates.

3:00pm Tickets received for ribs w ill be picked up and counted.

4:00pm Winners will be announced.

4:30pm All cooking teams need to clean their area.

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