Lindsay Murals

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Include Lindsay in your tour of murals in our area of the San Joaquin Valley. Tulare, Exeter and Porterville
are each within 15 miles of Lindsay and also have great murals. Make a day of it, include breakfast,
lunch and dinner.

SCE Mural

< This epic mural at the Southern California Edison Substation at Sweet Brier
& Hermosa, depicts the birth of commercial irrigation.

The maps below provide a guide to the 20 murals located within walking distance of downtown Lindsay. The murals of Lindsay exemplify the continued tradition of art through the eras and were painted by local artists. Some are profound, others whimsical, but all tell unique stories. Each mural depicts a historic event or a cultural reference relevant to the City of Lindsay.
The murals vary from outdoor works that show the birth of modern irrigation, to historic paintings of the Sequoia mule packs. Other murals depict residents who made an impact on our town.

The murals are funded through private donations and from the Downtown Redevelopment Agency. The Lindsay Mural & Public Art Society offers full descriptions of each mural, the artists and the year, if known, that the mural was created. LMPAS meets at 5:15 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month in the conference room at Sierra Vista Plaza to discuss downtown renovation locations and projects, mural concepts and artists. Please see society’s website for further information.

Lindsay Mural & Public Art Society


    • 1. Roadwide Service, Two Bits a Pull – Mike Butler’s Garage- 301 W. Hermosa
    • 2. Soda Fountain – Realty Office, 295 W. Hermosa
    • 3. American Spirit – Sun Treat Packing House – Hermosa & Sweet Brier
    • 4. Birth of Modern Irrigation – Southern California Edison Substation – Sweet Brier & Hermosa
    • 5. Charro Traditions – Cal Citrus – W. Honolulu & Mt. Vernon
    • 6. The Packing Shed – Lo Bue Packing House- Honolulu & Sweet Brier
    • 7. Wildlife Gallery Park– 155 W. Honolulu Street
    • 8. Taylor & Son – on alley wall, east of Sweet Brier at Samoa
    • 9. Quail Lookout – Bank of America Building – 215 N. Elmwood
    • 10. Honor Guard Parade – Tienken Realty Building – 101 E. Hermosa
    • 11. Caf√© Trope L’oeil – New Lindsay Library – 152 N. Mirage
    • 12. Discovery – Lindsay Community Theater – 190 North Elmwood
    • 13. Standing in Line – Lindsay Community Theater – 190 North Elmwood
    • 14. Laurel & Hardy – Lindsay Community Theater – 190 N. Elmwood
    • 15. Butterfield Overland Stage – Sundance Studios – 160 N. Elmwood
    • 16. Borax – alley – 143 E. Honolulu Street
    • 17. Dr. Annie Bond – Dr. Chiurrazzi’s Dentist Office – 133 S. Mirage
    • 18. High Sierra Pack Trip – Dr. Chiurrazzi Dental Office – 133 S. Mirage
    • 19. Troop One – City of Lindsay City Services Building – 150 N. Mirage
    • 20. Decades of Quality Citrus – Suntreat Packing House- Tulare Road & east railroad tracks