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Role of the Chamber of Commerce

Lindsay Chamber LogoThe Lindsay Chamber of Commerce is an organization of individuals pooling their resources for the advancement of the community and the preservation of the free enterprise system. As a member of the business community of Lindsay, the Chamber of Commerce needs the support of its members to do its job.
What is the Chamber’s job? Its job is to promote a good public image for business and industry as well as broaden the tax base and create more jobs by attracting new business and industry to Lindsay.

The Lindsay Chamber of Commerce is the community’s top salesman, constantly promoting Lindsay products and services and, at the same time, protecting local business interest. It is the “front door” of the community and the information agency for Lindsay maintaining a wealth of reports, directories, maps and economic information to assist in answering inquiries of all types. In this way, the Chamber of Commerce is able to constantly promote Lindsay as a good place to do business.